lawn mower for sale
lawn mower for sale

lawn mower for sale

company : Yantai MD Garden Machinery CO.,LTD
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Yantai MD import and export co., LTD. Is a company specializing in the production and sale of lawn mower machines.Yantai MD import and export co., LTD. Has its own lawn mower mechanism manufacturing plant, automatic industrial production process, so that we have a great guarantee on the quality of lawn mower machines.Today, I would like to introduce the features of several lawn mower. If you are interested in our company's lawn mower, please send us your inquiry.



Description of lawn mower

Our company production of lawn mower machine to meet the different needs of customers, design the different types of models and different types of lawn mower machine in the power, the width of the cultivated land, on the ground of hardness requirements are different, different parts of the customer because of the different environment, different to the requirement of model


Classification of lawn mower



HGC18TName of productlawn mowerUS$214
Start ModeRecoil Start
Rotation Speed of Cutter3600rpm

Working Width460mm
Working Cutting Height


5 adjustable positions

Collection Bag55L
Assembly Dimensions840*560*500mm

20ft/40ft/40HQ20' FCL qty:108 pcs 40' FCL qty:224 pcs




Usage of lawn mower

The lawn mower machine produced by our company is suitable for different soil quality. Different types of lawn mower can be selected according to different soil quality.Customers can choose the suitable model according to different soil quality, so as to work better.Our company's lawn mower machine USES oil power, which makes it more efficient and convenient to operate.It can be used in gardens, croplands, slopes, gardens and gardens.It can be used in loose land, which is good for plant growth.


lawn mower care

After using the lawn mower machine, the soil remaining in the lawn mower machine needs to be cleaned and stored in a dry place.After cleaning, you can apply oil to the surface of the machine to prevent mechanical rust and plastic oxidation.




Product packaging

lawn mower machine time we use uniform international carton packaging, using foam plate fixed in the reduced pressure, prevent the way of damage caused by the turbulence of product, and for damage to the product on the way, our company will actively processing








The production process of lawn mower

Our company has the lawn mower  of the complete production process, using fully automated production technology, every process after make checks at all levels, our the perfect combination of lawn mower adopts steel and plastic, not only reduce the weight of the machine, and is improved in quality, advanced production technology, "customer satisfaction products.





Company information

Yantai MD import and export co., LTD. Is a company specialized in producing agricultural machinery.

We produce lawn mower machine are impeccable in terms of product quality, we have our own processing production, the manufacture of lawn mower machine quality can rest assured that our company has a professional after-sales team, for you to solve the trouble back at home


Our port

Qingdao port is the important port of foreign trade in China, our company production of lawn mower machine is chosen from Qingdao port shipment, reduce land freight, and Qingdao port has a great advantage in foreign trade, we provide the best service for buyers, including our cargo port


Our services

Our lawn mower machine products have complete after-sales system, 24-hour uninterrupted service for you, after you buy on our lawn mower machine products have any has asked, can call after-sales consulting, we will give you answer, customer is supreme, is the tenet of our company.



Our company in order to timely delivery to customers, to ensure sufficient supply of goods, in a large number of production of lawn mower machine, now our price compared to other lawn mower machine with the price of the product is more favorable and quality is guaranteed, you can rest assured to buy, if you are interested in our products welcome to send inquiry to us





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